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Lola in Yes You Can, When Can We?

[Originally published on] African Americans are not the only blacks pegging their hopes to the Obama dream. There has been much talk and much written about the significance of Barack Obama’s candidacy to African Americans. But Obama’s acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination is an unprecedented moment for blacks Europeans, too. As we watch, we do so with the hope for similar strides in our communities, in our countries. To see this African-American man, with his African-American wife and beautiful African-American children advance toward the White House is as inspiring to us as it is to you. As a black woman born and bred in England, I had processed the historic nature of this year’s Democratic National Convention. But I was not quite prepared for the sense of pride and optimism that I felt as I watched Michelle Obama—tall, elegant, poised, sophisticated and powerful—deliver her speech before the 20,000-strong crowd in Denver. Watching her compellingly and convincingly…