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Happy 2018

Happy New Year!

My wish for 2018 is that we all make an effort to bring the best out of one another, and ourselves, each and every day. Let's appeal to the highest in our collective and individual humanity, rather than our lowest instincts.

I'm so happy that 2018 is finally here. 2017 was a long year, which went by very fast - if that makes any sense! (The image blow is a screenshot I took of my cell phone at just after midnight)

My New Years Eve was pretty chilled. I wanted to laugh, feel good and stay warm, given the frigid cold that has descended on New York. To that end, I watched the two Dave Chappelle specials which appeared on Netflix on New Years Eve: Equanimity and The Bird Revelation
I'd recommend both, watched back to back if possible. Chappelle has truly mastered his craft and is true comedic genius, able to be profound, thought-provoking, educational and hilarious all at the same time, while touching on some of the most provocative topics of our time. I mus…
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The UK and US 2017: A very brief review

So here we are, finally, at the end of 2017. What a year it has been socially, politically and culturally.

The UK

In the UK, the sh*t show commonly known as Brexit has - unsurprisingly - lurched along in fits and starts. It has truly been embarrassing to watch the incompetence in Tory Party leadership (that sort of second-hand embarrassment) and even more shocking to see how woefully unprepared the government is for the massive task of separating the UK from the European Union.

Prime Minister Theresa May continues to put on a brave face despite a damning election vote which saw her just about scrape to victory while losing her majority in the process. It remains to be seen whether or not she will still be Prime Minster come the actual leaving date.

I'm sure that Ms May (originally a Remainer) has, by now, realized that she has taken on a gargantuan, impractical and perhaps even impossible task; I would actually respect her a great deal more if she admitted to the public that, despi…

Lola on AMJoy: Discussing the shocking slave trade in Libya + Trump's continued attacks on the media

The enslavement of migrants in Libya, as exposed recently by CNN, is so very sickening that it's hard for me to actually express and articulate the depth of disgust, horror and anger that I feel about this issue. From a human perspective, slavery is fundamentally wrong and should be offensive to us all, but it further pains me to see so many Africans involved given the history of slavery, colonialism and other inhuman treatment which Africans have faced over time already. Of course, though, it isn't just Africans, there are also Syrians and people from the Middle East caught up in this. All of it is so, so wrong. 

There are also a number of other videos floating about online which have been created by people who have been enslaved in Libya (which is the gateway country to the Mediterranean Sea, and thus, to European continent), and it's shocking and nauseating to hear what migrants are, and have been, going through. There are people who have been bought and sold multiple ti…

In conversation with AirBnb & Etsy: Talking diversity, inclusion and creating more human workplaces

I had the honour of hosting and facilitating a fascinating conversation between AirBnb's Mark Levy (Global Head of Employee Experience) and Etsy's Carissa Menendez (VP of People and Workplace) at LiveGrey's Life@Work conference. The title of this conversation was "Your culture is your brand"; both Etsy and AirBnB are well known for having built brands around quite distinctive workplace and customer cultures which emphasize ensuring that employees and customers truly enjoy and love their experiences.

They were super insightful and honest, not to mention inspiring about their ideas around workplace cultures especially diversity and inclusion, making work more human and enjoyable for employees and customers, and the role that companies with new visions play in moulding and shaping society at large.

Mark and Carissa (who have been at AirBnb and Etsy since the early days) delved into their experiences of building strong human-centered workplace cultures at their respe…

Lola Interviewed by Flipboard: On the Red Couch

On the Red Couch with Journalist Lola Adesioye Mia Quagliarello / August 10, 2017 Lola Adesioye came upon an Obama rally in her first few months living in New York City in 2007 and, upon seeing a presidential candidate of color, she knew she wanted to become part of the narrative of American culture and politics at that moment and beyond. She started writing about what she was experiencing and seeing as an ‘outsider’ in NYC. A British-born, Cambridge-educated woman of Nigerian descent, Adesioye could offer perspectives that bridged U.K., U.S. and African society. Her grandfather, Ebun Adesioye, was a pioneer of journalism and PR in Nigeria, so you could say she’s had this drive to tell stories in her blood. To this day, Adesioye’s contributed to The GuardianCNNBBCThe Atlantic, Forbes Africa,