TV & Radio Appearances

Lola’s television and radio work includes regular appearances, giving her insights, analysis and commentary, on CNNAOL TV, the BBC, MSNBC, BET, Oprah Radio, Colourful Radio, Joy Behar Show, Rev Al Sharpton’s weekly radio show, and the UK’s Channel 4.


BBC Sunday Morning Live – Black Lives Matter: Is America Failing its Black Community?


BBC Sunday Morning Live – On Extremism: What are its roots?

Sky News – The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri






BBC World Service – Audio essay for missing Nigerian girls in Chibok #BringBackOurGirls


MSNBC’s The Reid Report – Update on missing Nigerian girls #BringBackOurGirls

MSNBC’s The Chris Matthews Show – Chibok Update


MSNBC’s The Reid Report – Search for Missing Nigerian Girls Continues


Al Jazeera

MSNBC – The Melissa Harris Perry Show







Huffington Post Live





Channel 4 with John Snow (UK)





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